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Nutritional health supplements are increasingly becoming considered as essential in maintaining healthy lifestyles. Yet, many of those supplements do not address specific nutrient deficiency issue. It is because either they are incorrectly formulated or they contain only synthetic ingredients mimicking pharmacological properties of natural substances.

Why these supplements were developed on the first place?

Nutritional supplements were formulated and made available to the consuming public because of their potential in addressing severe malnutrition and nutrient deficiency. They had been developed after long years of research and clinical trials, initially involving animal subjects at times, to make them fit for human consumption.

These supplements are considered vital because they contain essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for the regular and optimal performance of various organs and systems. Microelements, for example, work best within the cellular level, for being essential in various metabolic processes. Biochemical reactions largely depend on sufficient availability of certain trace elements, such as those in harnessing and producing cellular energy, synthesis of protein and other enzymes and in facilitating normal cellular signaling to transport information from sensory organs to the brain and vice versa.

As powerful anti-oxidants

Various vitamin types and other elements found in most nutritional supplements exhibit anti-oxidant properties. Vitamin B complex and C, for example, are known to boost the body’s autoimmune system, consequently preventing one from acquiring or developing diseases and ailments.

Continued exposure to environmental pollutants and the unwarranted contamination of water and food sources with hazardous chemical compounds result to the gradual accumulation of toxins in the body. When their presence increases through time, they have the potent effect of damaging body cells. When further exposed to oxidative stress, many toxins become converted into free radicals that embark on a rampage in making healthy cells imbalanced by stealing one electron each. Many cancer types are known to be caused by the harmful actions of free radicals in the cellular level.Our website provides info on  Bathmate

Prevention of heart diseases, etc.

Every 34 seconds, one American dies from any form of coronary heart diseases. This has been reported last 2008 by no less than the American Heart Association, based on investigative studies and data collated within the year. Heart diseases are considered as one of the leading causes of mortality in the world today.

Most common and deadly form of coronary heart diseases are cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis is the top form of this sub-category of heart diseases.

Atherosclerosis is the result of rapid accumulation of plaques within the arterial lining. High LDL cholesterol level causes inflammation of the arteries because of unwanted actions of macrophage white blood cells in the bloodstream. These white blood cells are automatically released by the body’s natural immune system as a defense mechanism to fight what the body detects as potentially harmful substances, as in the case of LDL cholesterol.

Certain nutrients have been known to reduce LDL cholesterol level while increasing HDH cholesterol level. When at least 50% of the arterial lumen area is covered with atheromatous plaques, blood flow is significantly constricted and eventually blocked, depriving fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen to various organs, including vital ones, like the heart and brain. The consequences are very fatal if not treated well.

Instead of being reactionary with health condition, as in the case of most mainstream medicine, it is far more important to prevent the development of various conditions from the very start. By improving the natural performance of different organs and systems in the body, diseases are largely prevented from being acquired. Nutritional health supplements do just that.